MS Proposals for Fall Meeting

Region Meeting
Saturday, August 15
UTRGV Performing Arts Center
The Region will need to take action the following items.
I.  Middle School Zones


Item I. Region Band Numbers
Proposal 1:  2 region bands per zone.  80 in Honors & 98 in Symphonic Band (current numbers of 2 bands)
Proposal 2: 3 region bands per zone.
If Proposal 2 passes, the following will need action.
Option A Honors, Symphonic, Concert Bands 60 students each = 180 total
Option B Honors Band 60, A/B the Symphonic Band (80), Symphonic Winds (80) = 220 total
(A/B is every other student is assigned to the other ensemble)
Option C Honors Band 60, straight rank Symphonic (80) & Concert Bands (80) = 220 total

Item 2. Audition/Judging Panel Logistics
Current directors:  West Zone: 93 (73 consistently judge) East Zone: 108 (90 consistently judge)
Proposal 1: 5 directors on every judging panel – auditions in 1 day
(requires 80 directors/20 monitors per zone)
Proposal 2: 5 directors on every judging panel – auditions in 2 days
(max – requires 65 directors/11 monitors per zone, per day)
Proposal 3: 5 diretors on single panel instruments & 3 directors on each panel of triple panel (requires 68 judges/20 monitors per zone)
Proposal 4: 3 director judges per single and/or triple panel instruments
(requires 51 directors/20 monitors per zone)

II.   Middle School Jazz Music

Other issues:
  to view the new Alignment Proposal by the State Board.