1. Log into DMAC, go to Data Export
  2. Under Student, select Local ID, First Name, Last Name, Enroll Date
  3. Choose grade level
  4. Under STAAR Assessments, select last year’s math and reading
  5. Export Options (top right corner), under Local Assessment Fields, select Teacher. Under State Assessment Fields, select Percent Score, Met Standard, and Scale Score.
  6. Choose one Local Assessment, or the Teacher field will not be included in the spreadsheet.  (you’ll delete this data later)
  7. Click Download (top right corner).  You now have an Excel spreadsheet in your downloads folder.
  8. You will want to edit the spreadsheet before the mail merge.  First, delete all fields with the word “Local” assessment, but keep the field with Local Teacher.  You don’t need local test data, but do want teacher’s name.
  9. Delete (or ignore) STAAR MA05 PcntScore, STAAR MA05 MetStrd, & STAAR RE05 PcntScore.
  10. Open the Word file, labeled something like 8 Math Scoreboard.  It’ll have this at the top:  2017-2018 Texas ColorBands™
  11. In Word, click the Mailings tab.
  12. Begin the mail merge.  Select Normal Word Document.








13. Under Select Recipients, select Use an Existing List (this may seem counter-intuitive, but the ‘recipient list’ is the place you’re “mailing” this information to.  It’s actually the spreadsheet we’re pulling data from to fill into the Word document.  If it helps, think of it like this:  the Excel spreadsheet has all the address labels for people we’re sending Christmas cards to.  The Word document is the Avery address labels we’re printing.







14.  You can use the Highlight Merge Fields to see what fields on the Colorbands sheet you’re merging.
15.  Next, scroll through the pages by clicking the arrows next to Preview Results.






16.  If you’re satisfied that all is well, it’s time to print.
17.  Go make a sandwich and take a nap.  Printing takes a while.  I used a new Windows 10 laptop with a Dell Color Cloud Multifunction Printer – H625cdw, which is a very fast office printer.  Took at least an hour to print each subject (reading/math) per grade level.

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