New Chapter

As of July 2017, I am no longer the webmaster at  I created the site back in the 1995-1996 school year.  It went through many different designs and styles.  In the beginning the site was hosted by AOL, something like (I think).  RBX550 refers to the model of my bass guitar.

At some point I taught myself HTML and how to register a domain name.  Not easy, but it made the site much more interesting.  Learning how to code nav menus was really trying.  Then along came WordPress.  I began using it somewhere around 2010 or so.  I’ll never forget the feeling of editing the site in the browser.  That was a huge game changer, considering what I had to do before that (write code on one computer, ftp it up to the site, etc.)

Then in 2014 I got the crazy idea to get my masters in educational administration.  Somehow I graduated and I’m now the Campus Testing Coordinator at Cathey MS, where I was previously the assistant band director for 7 years and head band director for another 7 years.  Now that I’m not in music any more, I had to give up publishing the site.  Very sad, as I miss publishing (and teaching band, tabulating contests, and all that went with that) but I am now looking forward to a new career where I don’t ride school buses, keep grade books, or deal with unruly students.  New career, new challenges, new beginnings.

But I digress.  You’ll notice the content prior to this post is an import of the old  I imported it just to keep a record, and to show the change.  I intend to continue blogging here to help me keep a record of what goes on during the year with testing.  Maybe next year (2018-2019) I’ll look back on this for reference.

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